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See the PRICING page for details on the Annapolis 2014 Sailboat Show Display Sage 17 BOAT SHOW SPECIAL!

See us at the October 2014 Annapolis Sailboat ShowA Sage 17 and a protype Sage 15 will be at the October 2014 Annapolis Sailboat Show.


Thank you for your interest in the Sage Marine Pocket Cruisers. These modern designs have been created by Mr. Jerry Montgomery, known for his sailboat designs of the 1970s and 1980s. The lapstrake hulls provides rigidity, tracking, wave deflection, and are a style trademark of Jerry's designs. The Sage 15 and 17 are designed to be safe and seaworthy. Fractional sailing rigs provides performance and versatility. An overall light boat weight makes for easy trailering. The Sage 15 and Sage 17 are sophisticated enough for experienced sailors that might be downsizing, but simple enough for a beginner.

Sage 17 is a SAIL MAGAZINE 2013 Best Boat Winner

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